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Cover to Cover

The Story of the Eternal King from Genesis to Revelation

A Devotional Resource 

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Jennifer Devine


About Cover to Cover

Spiritually Inspired   Thoughtfully Designed   Beautifully Illustrated

Cover to Cover is a devotional resource giving individuals, families, and small groups the opportunity to walk through the Story of the Eternal King, from portions of Genesis to Revelation, in 365 passages.  Each passage can be read in 2-5 minutes.  Go through Cover to Cover in a year, in a month, or at any pace that suits you.  Featuring discussion questions with each passage and a Scripture memory verse with each of the 12 sections, Cover to Cover is organized with a KINGDOM OF GOD acronym to aid in remembering the framework of God’s Story.  This is an important resource for individuals, families, groups and churches to supplement Bible Study and deepen your ability to grasp the entirety of God’s Word.  

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